Packaging Needs for DVDs

Need DVD Packaging?Whether it's the onbody print for your CD or DVD, Booklet, Inlay, DVD Cover, DVD Booklet, Digi Pack, Lancing Pack or any other, we can take the stress and time out of this for you, and prepare your artwork to the correct specification first time everytime.

Starting Up Your Own Business?

Been to a BPS workshop or 30-minute clinic? It's time to come to an Ideatorium.
Are you ready to take some action to push your business start up to the next level?
Take advantage of an INDEPTH consultation to help turn your idea into a real business. Let us help you to work out

Lapel badge

A lapel badge (also known as a pin) is decoration which is displayed to indicate some feat of service, a special accomplishment, a symbol of authority granted by taking an oath (e.g., police and fire), a sign of legitimate employment or student status, or as a simple means of identification. They can also used in advertising, publicity, and for branding purposes.

Badges are normally made from metal, plastic, leather, textile, rubber, etc., and they are commonly attached to clothing, bags, footwear, vehicles, home electrical equipment, etc.

Badges have also become highly collectaible. In the UKthere is a Badge Collectors' Circle has been in existence for many years.

In military circles, badges are often used to denote qualifications received through military training and also rank. Scouts and guides also use badges.


Accidents on Motorcycles

It is an unfortunate fact that motorcyclists come off worst in an accident and account for the worst injuries we see in road accident cases.  Even with a helmet on, you aren’t immune to serious head injuries which can have a devastating effect on you and your loved ones. Even if you wear full leathers, nothing can protect you from a spinal injury or other serious injury to your limbs after a motorcycle accident.

stock footage

Archive footage, library pictures and file footage are film or video footage that has not been custom shot for use in a specific film or television program. Archive footage is useful to filmmakers as it is much cheaper than shooting new material. A single piece of archive footage is called a stock shot or a library shot. Archieve footage may already have appeared in previous productions but can also be outtakes or footage shot for previous productions but not used. Archive footage can also be used to integrate news footage or notable figures into a film or news bulletin.

Going on a Sailing Holiday in Scotland

If you are considering seeing the Scottish coastal scenery then you might want to consider chartering one of the many sailing holidays in Scotland. By choosing the right voyage and allotting yourself enough time you will be able to take full advantage of the many true sailing holidays in Scotland.

Metal Poles For Curtains

Smart, modern, affordable, 29mm diam, metal curtain poles from Swish.
Supplied with matching rings and ball-end finials and are available in a range of finishes: polished brass effect, antique brass effect, satin steel effect, black nickel effect, matt black, bronze and ivory gold effect.

Sealer for Natural Stone

Block Paving Sealers, Imprinted Concrete Sealers & Natural Stone sealers

The AdSeal range of top quality sealers and coatings for External Paving such as driveways, patios, paths, car parks, etc., and also a high quality range of Internal Flooring Sealers

* block paving sealers
* pattern imprinted concrete sealers
* natural stone sealers [for both internal and external use]
* Patio & paving flag sealers and more


Hi Fi stands are made to protect the equipment and look good

Hi fi stands are used for audio equipment. High fidelity—or hi-fi—reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound or images, to distinguish it from the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment. Ideally, hi-fi stands look good and protect the equipment.

We know how to get rid of head lice!

Our Lice Assassins are suckers for detail and draw on their endless reserves of patience, ready and willing to take on the toughest of missions. They're in it for the kill, take pride in their work and know how to get rid of head lice.

Excellent B & B in Canterbury

When visiting the area around the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey I always enjoy staying in a B & B in Canterbury. There are several in the area that provide a great breakfast and a fabulous central location that is perfect for walking tours of the attractions in the area. A B & B in the Canterbury area is always comfortable and the breakfast part of the equation is fantastic.

A program for secure online data backup can restore information from you PC quickly

Secure online data backup keeps a copy of your critical business data offsite, away from your computer. The service should be stored in secure data centres. To be really secure, the service should automatically save your data changes at the end of every day, and the recovery of data when needed should be a quick process after loss by downloading it from over the internet.

The May Flower Pub

The Mayflower

The Mayflower was the ship that transported the English Separatists, better known as the Pilgrims, from Southampton, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States (which would become the capital of Plymouth Colony), in 1620. There were 102 passengers and a crew of 25-30.

The vessel left England on September 6 (Old Style)/September 16 (New Style), and after a gruelling 66-day journey marked by disease, which claimed two lives, the ship dropped anchor inside the hook tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown Harbor) on November 11/November 21.wicked tickets The Mayflower was originally destined for the mouth of the Hudson River, near present-day New York City, at the northern edge of England's Virginia colony, which itself was established with the 1607 Jamestown Settlement. However, the Mayflower went off course as the winter approached, and remained in Cape Cod Bay. On March 21/28 1621, all surviving passengers,pippin tickets who had inhabited the ship during the winter, moved ashore at Plymouth, and on April 5/15, the Mayflower, a privately commissioned vessel, returned to England. In 1623, a year after the death of captain Christopher Jones, the Mayflower was most likely dismantled for scrap lumber in Rotherhithe, London.


Public House

A public house, informally known as a pub, is an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic u2 tickets drinks for consumption on the premises in countries and regions of British influence. Although the terms are increasingly used to refer to the same thing, there is a definite difference between pubs, bars, inns, taverns and lounges where alcohol where can i host my website is served commercially. A pub that offers lodging may be called an inn or (more recently) hotel in the United Kingdom. Today, many pubs in the UK, Canada and Australia with the word "inn" or "hotel" in their names no longer offer accommodation, and in some cases have never done so. Some pubs bear the name of "hotel" because they are in countries where stringent anti-drinking laws were once in force. In Scotland until 1976, only hotels could serve alcohol on Sundays. In Wales, an 1881 Act applied the same law until 1961 when local polls could lift such a ban in a district and in 1996 the last ban was lifted in Dwyfor. The need for such polls was removed by the Welsh Assembly in 2003.

There are approximately 53,500 public houses in the United Kingdom. In many places, especially in villages, a pub can be the focal point of the community, so there is concern that more pubs are closing down than new ones opening.

The history of pubs can be traced back to Roman taverns,[8] through the Anglo-Saxon alehouse, to the development of the modern generally prevailing tied house system.


Public Bars

By the 20th century, the saloon, or lounge bar, had settled into a middle-class room - carpets on the floor, cushions on the seats, and a penny or two on the prices, while the public bar, or tap room, remained working class with bare boards, sometimes with sawdust to absorb the spitting and spillages, hard bench seats, and cheap beer.

Later, the public bars gradually improved until sometimes almost the godaddy hosting only difference was in the prices, so that customers could choose between economy and exclusivity (or youth and age, or a jukebox or dartboard). During the blurring of the class divisions in the 1960s and 1970s, the distinction between the saloon and the public bar was often seen as archaic, and was frequently abolished, usually by the removal of the dividing wall or partition itself. While the names Jon Bellion tickets of saloon and public bar may still be seen on the doors of pubs, the prices (and often the standard of furnishings and decoration) are the same throughout the premises, and many pubs now comprise one large room. However, the modern importance of dining in pubs encourages some establishments to maintain distinct rooms or areas, especially where the building has the right characteristics for this. Yet, in a few pubs there still remain rooms or seats that, by local custom, "belong" to particular customers.

However there still remain a few, mainly city centre pubs, that retain a public bar mainly for working men that call in for a drink while still dressed in working clothes and dirty boots. They are now very much in a minority, but some landlords prefer to separate the manual workers from the more smartly dressed businessmen or diners in the lounge or restaurant.